Plumbing for the public


There are things a plumber really likes to do and others, not so much. One of those not so much chores is digging up sewer tanks or cleaning the sewage pipe. First there is about three feet or more of dirt to dig in order to get to the problem. That’s the easy part because a small backhoe can be transported to the job, if the plumber is successful enough to have one of these in his inventory. If he doesn’t have mechanical equipment for digging, he has a pick and shovel. Still, even hand digging isn’t the tough part of this job.

The smell of urine and feces soon permeates the atmosphere if wasn’t present on arrival. He shouldn’t eat breakfast before this job. Then his next chore is cleaning out the sewer or pipe and removing what stopped it up in the first place. 99 times of a hundred it is female sanitary napkins wadded with toilet tissue, but sometimes for the elderly, it is adult diapers. You can imagine the plumber’s enthusiasm at having to clean out and remove these items.

plumber at work

Most use shovels or rakes to clean up this mess. After cleaning everything out of the sewer tank and refilling the hole, it is now his job to inform the residence owner about what caused the problem. So, after cleaning himself up in respect for the customer, he tries not to blush as he informs the tenants about what items should never be flushed. does a great job. Invariably, there is denial and they say I never flushed those items.

From there he goes to the next job, hoping for no sewer back ups. This time the housewife lost her wedding ring down the bathroom sink. The plumber gets a pan and places it under the sink extraction pipe called the j-pipe and then he unscrews the pipe fitting with a large wrench meant for just this job. The ring is found and the plumber cleans this fitting, removing hair and any other foreign items like bottle tops and paper. The j-pipe is then replaced. He checks to make sure there are no leaks in the pipe, then removes the pan and flushes all that won’t clog the toilet.